After much printing of parts, lots of drilling and tedious routing of wiring the base of the machine now looks like the above photo.

It now has it’s AC/DC power supply integrated and mounted internally and there is wiring in place for all of the electronics. The next steps are to actually connect that wiring to it’s intended connectors and also to finish designing and printing the new top corner pieces of the frame.

This second prototype is larger and has a more finished design. All the core electronics are fully housed within the based which is made very sturdily to accommodate it all as well as the taller vertical access. Not shown is the mounted effector and carriages onto the vertical uprights. I have some plans for revising the linear carriages but for now I am using the previous ones, unchanged from the first prototype. They roll very smooth and clean on the tubing that I spent literally hours sanding down to a nice shiny linear surface.

I’m hoping to have it back up and running by the weekend.

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