After the original PSU blew up, I went through all of my electronics, wiring and soldering to ensure that it was really just an inadequate PSU, and not my wiring. I am satisfied that everything was built as designed, except the ATX unit that could not meet it’s rated spec. Not surprising for the price, but a bit of a bummer that someone sold me one with the implication it was up to the task. Moving on.

I rebuilt the frame to make the distance between the vertices 250mm. This balances the frame a bit better and gives more breathing room for the mechanics and the ability to reach them. The Z axis had some binding which was also removed.

Of particular note, the print head wiring now runs out the back along the installed 50mm fan, preventing it from adding stress to the weight of the stepper motor. All of the electronics have been moved from above the print area and the rising heat generated there, over to the side. The wiring will be trimmed once I can print a new housing for the controller boards. The hot-end has been rebuilt with aluminum plates that I cut and machined to stabilize the extruder and the hotend as well as remove excessive heat from the coldend.

I will detail the above items with photos later, however here is an overview shot of the new build:


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