While looking over the corpse of an old Archer Surround Sound Amplifier that is being stripped for parts I came across an interesting component – an MN3008 chip. The data sheet describes it as a “2048-stage low noise BBD” – this is an audio delay chip which was probably used as part of the “synthesized stereo” effect on the amplifier.

I wonder if it could be turned into an on-board reverb effect, or perhaps into a DIY guitar pedal.  Definitely worth looking into.

There are at least five 8pin MC4558C op amps on the board as well – these may come in handy.



The Archer amplifier also has a pair of powerful power amplifiers – LA4270 60W dual channel type – already mounted on a sizeable heatsink. Their operational voltage is between 25V and 35V which puts them far out of usable range for a 9V to 12V circuit.

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