Not much has changed from my previous build, I got occupied for the last week or so with building a new desk while waiting for some JRC386D chips to arrive. I also configured a smaller breadboard host to reduce the necessary desk space required to test my ideas out.

Initial tests are showing that the JRC386D IC amplifies far cleaner than the LM386N-1 IC. It can be driven by my previous op amp and FET buffers at full volume without requiring extra volume attenuation unlike the variety of LM386N-1 chips that I have on hand. I’m quite impressed and would highly recommend using these Japan Radio Corporation chips instead of the National Semiconductor or off-brand chips for making a battery powered guitar amplifier. They also have the bonus of outputting a full 1/2watt instead of around 300mW making for a slightly louder amplifier as well.

I’ve only recreated the clean preamp buffer channel and the switching for the channel select so far, tomorrow perhaps I’ll get around to rebuilding the distortion channel.


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