I posted the other day the lastet build description of my Prusa Mendel i2.

I used that build to print a new set of parts that were printed with a focus on part strength and solidness as opposed to economy of printing. After I had a full set of parts ready, it was time to tear it all down and rebuild it.
Here is a picture of the basic framework assembled:


Note there are some changes from previous build and a stock i2 build:

  • I removed the bottom Y plate (and LM88U bearing mounts, belt clamps) and replaced them with a single-piece 3-point bearing holder with integrated belt clamps that I printed in ABS plastic. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23900
  • I changed the Y motor mount to a non-standard model that raises the pulley in line with the carriage and removes the extra 608 bearing and pulley assembly. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:21716
  • The front Y belt idler is a single piece printed in solid white PLA. Unlike the standard two piece idler pulley, I designed this one to have teeth for better belt grip/movement and to have a lower lip profile for better bed clearance.
  • Removal of the lower wood plate required flipping the smooth rod clamps around and placing the rods above the frame rods to bring the Y carriage in alignment with the above changes.

Otherwise most parts are stock from the latest GitHub files. I used the same dimensions as my previous build for the triangle, and both cases I have used a spacing of 251mm between the triangles. This provides some additional clearance for me to be able to run with a glass bed that is wider than it is long. I do this because I have been using picture frame glass and the closest to the bed size I can find cheaply/locally is sold as 8″x10″. I did remove some spacing between the ends in hopes to create a slightly more rigid frame and reduce alignment complications.

Here is the frame after mounting the Y axis belt and bed platform, as well as the X-ends (non-push-fit-style), the x-carriage (also printed in ABS, like the Y-carriage), and the Z-motors and filament guide have been attached, at the top.



Finally, last picture for this post – the current status of the build at the time this is being written. Most of the electronics are now mounted, and the wiring has been organized with twist ties in places were additional cabling has yet to be done. Note the CCFL electronics at the top left of the frame,  I managed to find a bulk pack of various coloured zip ties so I was able to use yellow for frame mounted ties and green to match the X-ends. Sadly I had to use big “natural” coloured ties for the X-carriage bearings as the coloured ones were not large enough. Almost back up and running. Just a bunch more wiring to do.


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